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Djay 2 for iPhone App Review

The DJ work seems like a complicated task when you have to mix music and create a new sound. If you have a dream to become a DJ and don’t know from where to start, the Djay 2 app is perfect for you. This iOS app has now one important partner: Spotify. The Spotify gives the opportunity for you to try and discover endless possibilities with the over 20 million of music. Before this partnership, you were only able to work with the music that already were in your device or make the download of the wanted music. But now, you can mix many songs from the huge Spotify catalog. This took the DJ experience to another level, where there is no limit or restrictions to develop your creativity.

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On your Apple device, you can explore the DJ system tools with turntable and controls, real tools used by professionals DJ’s. If you are insecure, you have the option of requesting the help of the Djay 2 app to choose the perfect songs to integrate your mixing. The best news about the app is that it doesn’t require any experience as DJ, the tools are simple and offer many possibilities. You can start by the beginning, choosing songs, sliding layers, controlling effects and mixing turntables if you want. This app offers an amazing opportunity to live a real DJ’s experience. But, if you just want to enjoy music, choose the option for Djay 2 prepares a set of music for a party or for your own pleasure.

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One important information is that is necessary subscribe in Spotify to have full access to the library. To be a premium member and use the 20 million songs, you should pay $9,99 per month. Djay 2 also require registering to take advantage of the many DJ tools and the price is the same as Spotify. But, you can experiment for free the Djay 2 during seven days in a trial mode. Spotify also made a deal with another DJ app. You can search for information about how it works the Spotify service in the Pacemaker iPad DJ app. This kind of service is spreading the word and until now, enhanced already over 10 million persons with the aiming of become a professional DJ. If this is also you dream, experimenting the Djay 2 is a great opportunity to check your abilities and develop your skills.

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