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The Apple Music for iPhone is the streaming app that comes to show that the music is a serious matter for Apple. This app brings the possibility of saving your favorite song in the library, connect with your favorite band or singer and even listen to music offline. This app can be download in the Apple Store and offer the trial option for 90 days, an excellent possibility to test the app and find out if worth it paying for $9,99 to be a Single Membership or $14,99 to allow six persons of your family to use it. The fact is that the facility of signing up is a strong point to the app.

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To get started, you just sign in with your Apple ID that all your information and possible purchase in the Beats Music app are transferred to the Apple Music. Then, you can enjoy the incredible separation that the app realizes for you. If you wish to discover new songs, is just select your favorite genres in the “For You” section that the app selects the best options according to your selection. With this material, you can create playlists on your personal page. Some problem may be identified, like frozen searches, failing in load, etc.
In the iTunes Library, there is a huge variety of songs and genres, including exclusive albums and songs. If you wish, you can select one of the radios and enjoy specific themes stations and also non-music stations that stream sports.

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Another important possibility is the connection with your favorite singer or band. Some artists, like Pharrell Williams, used his page to deliver the music “Freedom” in first hand. Talking about social medias, you can share playlists, albums, videos and etc. in your account of Facebook and Twitter. For who is fascinated by the Apple universe and have the desire to launch even more through it, is possible to acquire services of Siri, to help you find a specific music. Or, if you already have an Apple Watch, you can sync music to it and continue to listen even when if lot near to iPhone.

Enjoy the 90 days trial of the Apple Music app to analyze if it will fulfill your expectations. If doesn’t, thy other apps like Tidal or Slacker Radio. Although, there are many apps that can accomplish with the music propose, but still the best iOS app is the Apple Music.

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