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Mobile game app development can be a minefield full of bombs that you can step on and blow your company up. There are usually two approaches to developing a game. The first approach involves making a game that is heavy on content, graphics quality and has interesting plot twists that will keep players engaged for long periods of time. the other approach involves making games that are simple in design, plot lines and ease of game play. However, there are a handful of games that have occupied the grey zone in between these two generally accepted modes of game app development. These are games that thrive on making you frustrated by making single, simple repetitive movements. Surprisingly enough, mobile gaming apps of this nature, such as Flappy Bird and Backflip Madness, have done tremendously well on the App Store.

Backflip Madness Game

Backflip Madness can be played on both android and iOS platforms. for a game that only has a single, paper thin premise, the game is strongly addictive, and it is highly likely that you will spend a lot of time asking yourself why you are still playing it. The common experience with Backflip madness is that at first the game will frustrate you, leaving you in angry, emotional flares that will goad you into playing even more so as to redeem yourself. With the passage of time, the game will wrap its tentacles around you, sucking you in even deeper, and in the end you will be laughing as you attempt to beat your friends’ gaming scores.

The good thing about Backflip madness is that the entire game is controlled using one button. This means that it is very easy to get started as you will not have to memorize and internalize a host of gaming controls. Your avatar will be a tracksuit wearing acrobat whose sole job is to perform a series of back flips in a horrible 3D world that you will soon fall in love with. As the game goes on, you will be able to do more complicated maneuvers, such as adding extra moves to your flips, stretching your legs or even posing in mid air as you fall down the side of a three storey building.

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The game is incredibly intense based on the paper thin premise that it has. You only have three lives and if you fall flat on your face three times, you will have no other choice but to start the level again. In the beginning, this will not feel like a huge penalty or price to pay. However, as time goes on and the levels become increasingly difficult, you will be overwhelmed by a huge cloud of frustration as you continue getting stuck in one level, unable to progress.

The addiction sets in because a game that is this simple will have you trying over and over again so as to vindicate and redeem yourself. Backflip Madness has managed to entertain millions of people through frustration, and that is something to be lauded.

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