Bad Piggies Game Review

The game Bad Piggies is from Rovio’s, same company that own the games Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Rio. This game is for those who loved the Angry Birds and now want to explore a Piggies’ word. This game can be downloaded on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and also for Mac and Windows PC.

The experience is similar to the Andry Birds games. Besides birds rolling with an angry face, now the pig unhappy faces can be noticed along the game. The main objective continues to be collecting stars throughout the way. Some changes happen to follow the green pigs’ particularity and bring news for the game lovers.

Bad Piggies Game Screen

To each level, you receive a brown box with items that you’ll use to built them a vehicle to increase their power. These items can be umbrellas, bellows, wheels and even balloons to make the vehicle fly. The main difference in this game is some players may think this game a little hard to handle and demands more skills. But, if you persist is possible to understand the game logic and become really good in the Piggies’ game. You’ll have 90 levels to unlock and along the game, you unlock also items to use in the Sandbox, a third section that provide you the experience of built a bigger and complex vehicle. You can use this vehicle in some levels to increase the stars’ collection.

To have access to an extra level of Sandbox, you can also collect skulls that you find in your way. To see how are you doing in the game community, you can access the Apple’s Game Center and check your score and also your friend’s score.

Bad Piggies Custom Contraptions

This game may give us a clue about the next plans for the pigs in the next animation movie of the Angry Birds series. Now already is possible to find a collection of phone covers and pillows with the pig face on it.

The game comes with the advantage of attracts the Angry Birds players and also the experienced gamers. The problem may be with casual players that can give up when to perceive that to unlock some items is necessary purchases. One example is the mechanics to help if the Bad Piggie get stuck. You may have to pay £1.49 or more. But, if you choose to persist, you can have fun and discover even more tools and surprises along the game levels.

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