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A brainchild of indie developer Playsaurus, ‘Clicker Heroes’ is a game that is available on the internet and, for both iOS and Android platforms since the month of July 2014. A free video game, it come with additive features of micro transactions which users can avail of, if and whenever needed.

In this highly successful game, the player will have to continuously click on the enemy on the right side of the screen till it is finally killed. The dead enemy will then drop gold (the amount of which depends on the level and strength of the enemy), and the player will have to collect and accumulate as much gold as he or she can, since it is needed to upgrade and purchase characters in the game. The better the character, the greater the damage inflicted. Also, according to Wikipedia,

“The player can ‘ascend’ and start the game again if they so desire. This action will give the player a currency called “hero souls” if done via one of the unlockable characters. For every 2000 levels (total) the player will receive 1 hero soul. The characters have special abilities that are unlocked at certain levels.”

One can also form factions called ‘Clans’ with other players and lead them against the highly feared Immortals.

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In this game, the user has to progress through 1000 and more zones by defeating the monsters and collecting gold. He can unlock up to a dozen heroes – each of whom are blessed with talents of their own – and up to nine active skills to fight in battles. There are Multiplayer battle that can be fought when like-minded players combine to form clans against the Immortals. With new multi-language support in the form of English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese; and Leader Board achievements to compare your rankings globally, the game is bound to find appreciation from numerous circles.

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A few of the abilities that the players use are – the ‘Clickstorm’ that allows 10 clicks per second for 30 seconds resulting in a rain of incessant clicks, the ‘Lucky Strikes’ for increasing chances of a Critical Click by 50% for 30 seconds at a stretch, the ‘Energize’ skill to double the efficacy of the next skill, the ‘Superclicks’ skill that triples your click damage for 30 whole seconds, and many more.

You wouldn’t be disappointed playing this game – you can almost reach a point of addiction as far as the clicks are concerned.

So, happy clicking!

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