Companion: Never Walk Alone

We are currently living in an age where billions of people all over the world are connected through smartphones and the internet. It therefore stands to reason that there are going to be applications that will keep watch over us and over our loved ones. Security has now been personalized and can fit into your pocket. There is no better example of this on the market at the moment other than the Companion application.

Companion, as the app has been aptly named, gives you the opportunity to have extra eyes on you all the time as you are travelling or simply running errands in an unfamiliar part of town or any locality that might make you feel uncomfortable. It is also quite useful if you happen to be late from work or school.

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The process to making this happen is quite simple. You will only have to select your destination and then select some of your contacts to be your companions. The amazing thing is that these contacts do not even need to have the app installed for them to be your companions. After selecting your contacts, they will receive live updates of your progress as you make it from one point to another. They will also have access to a live map of your progress.

The application has been programmed to send alerts if a few preselected actions take place. For instance, if you suddenly start running, or find it difficult to reach your destination on time, the app will check in on you to see if you are still okay. If there is no response within fifteen seconds, your companions will be automatically notified that all is not well.

Companion App Call Police

It is also possible to reach the police with only two taps on the application, making it quite easy to reach law enforcement officers if you are in a tight spot. The other amazing thing that the companion app can do is make it easy for any campus student to easily report any place within campus grounds that is not secure or safe enough. This information will be instantly relayed to the campus police department on duty, allowing for a quick and rapid response.

The only thing that you will have to be aware of when using the Companion app is that you will be running your GPS function the entire time. This might deplete your phone battery faster than you are used to, which means that you should make provisions for this eventuality.

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