Dark Sky: Hyperlocal Weather, Radar, and Storm Alerts

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For the citizens of the United States of America, United Kingdom and Ireland, predicting the weather will now become a one click process. Be prepared to forecast the temperament of the skies before you want to continue with any task that you have at hand. Be it organizing a party or running out to lunch or taking your dog out for a walk, one glance at the app and you will be able to master the elements of Nature before it’s too late. Whether it will rain or snow, whether you need an umbrella or warm clothes, whether the sun will be shining high creating the perfect weather for a picnic – any query that you have, just let the Dark Sky application know an hour beforehand. And within the matter of a few moments, you will be informed of the impending dangers.

Dark Sky App Main Screen

From hyperlocal weather to storm alerts, using the GPS, this application will be able to generate forecasts for the required geolocation giving its user a minute by minute prediction of what he can expect in the next hour and also the hour by hour forecasts for the upcoming day or week. The weather animation shown on your screen will be generated by the world’s first radar animation. The animation will display a clear picture of how the storms are moving, tracing the actual path of the storm and producing a history of all the locations it visited in the past!

The app also comes with advanced notification features that is capable of generating alerts at an hourly basis. You can also take a look at the several government weather reports that are aired just before a change in the weather or even create custom notifications for the next 24 hours on basic determinants like temperature, humidity and levels of precipitation.

Dark Sky App Temperature Screen

It’s also been built for Apple Watch users, who can check out the weather by a single glance at their wrist. The new 5.0.6 version contains some boring bugs fixes and has also fixed a bug for Apple Watch that constantly generated a ‘location unavailable’ error.

Suitable for iOS 7. 0 users who dabble in iPads and iPhones, the app can be bought at a price of $3.99 from the iTunes store. It’s beautiful, clear, concise and easily comprehensible. The Dark Sky app is mean to support your daily chores so that they don’t get spoiled by the weather. When you have this app, you know that you can take the precautions from beforehand.

The developers don’t have plans to release an Android version of the program yet:

Our development time right now is 100% focused on improving the iOS app, increasing prediction accuracy, and bringing Dark Sky to other countries. So we are not actively working on Android or Windows Phone versions, but if you fill out this form we’ll let you know when we have something ready for you…

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