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If you are in the mood for something funny yet surreal, something entertaining but with a tinge of the unease and horrific, then face swap live is the app for you. If you have watched famous movies like Face Off by the indefatigable John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, then you will certainly get the basic premise of this popular iOS app. Basically, face swap live will allow you to switch faces with a friend, your favorite pet or a celebrity cum politician in real time. The amazing thing with this application is that you can actually record yourself right from your camera’s video feed. This means that you do not necessarily need to have static photos for the app to do its garish work.

On the Apple app store, iTunes, this app will only set you back $0.99, meaning that this is a very affordable option for some nightmarish fun with your friends, your favorite pet or that politician that you do not like very much.

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It is simple and fun to use

One of the best things about the face swap live app is that it is easy, simple and fun to use. You do not need multiple and lengthy tutorials in order to navigate the app and make it do what you want. One of its key selling points is that you do not need any prior photo editing experience in order to come up with something that looks as professional as face swapping can look. Previously, before the advent of photo editing and other face swapping apps, you needed to have serious skills and expensive photo editing software in order to pull off something like this.

It is more than your run of the mill face swapping application

It is also important to note that face swap live brings more to the table than your ordinary face swapping or photo editing software. This is due to the fact that the app will actually allow you to swap faces in real time, as you are recording yourself being goofy with friends or your favorite pet. This means that you can record yourself with a swapped face, or swap faces while recording. The app also allows you to share your videos and pictures with your friends, family and loved ones for more entertainment value.

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Swap faces with your favorite celebrity or politician

If you want to record yourself using Marilyn Monroe’s face, or if you just want to be goofy using Hillary Clinton’s face, then face swapping live is the app that will give you the power to do just that. Celebrate Leonardo di Caprio’s Oscar Win by creating your own acceptance speech using his face instead of yours. If this will not bring you cause for joy and endless fits of laughter, then a psychiatric consult is in order for you!

While the app is not completely free, paying $0.99 for the privilege of swapping faces without intrusive ads ruining the whole experience is definitely worth it! Download it from iTunes today.

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