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If you are a fan of the numerous number of forums, discussion sites or bulletin boards, then Tapatalk is the app for you – through it you can connect to various internet forums through your phone. You can easily visit various Tapatalk-enabled forums and optimize your community content for viewing through your mobile phone. According to Wikipedia, the app is synced with these forums – namely  phpBB3, vBulletin, xenForo, MyBB, bbPress, Kunena, Vanilla, Drupal, IpBoard and many more.

The application, in its incipient stages, was designed for Android platforms exclusively, but has now spread over iOS platforms too. You can follow whatever captures your interest and also participate in discussions with like-minded enthusiasts from all over the internet in one place at the touch of the icon of Tapatalk. As far as forums are concerned, be it cars, mobiles, games or anything else, you can always trigger a discussion by asking questions and searching for answers from your fellow enthusiasts. Your interests can be varied, but there is always something for everyone to look forward to on Tapatalk. Participate through multimedia content in the form of pictures, memes, videos and much more.

Find Related Forums Using Tapatalk App


Once you open the app, you will see Tabs located at the top, that are called Dashboard, Network and Recommended. While the ‘Recommended’ section goes through your interests and lets you find the forums you are interested in based on what you have searched for earlier, the ‘Network’ section offers categories and subcategories of various forums based on Games, Sports, Literature and much more. The iPad version of Tapatalk HD comes for a somewhat costly price of 6.49 dollars, while the standard version is 4.19 dollars on iOS platforms and 2.99 dollars on Android platforms. There are also a variety of shades to choose from, some of which are a little costlier than the others.

Tapatalk for iPad: Network

So what’s new in the improved version? This is what iTunes has to say about the 5.1.1. version:

“Fixed sign in problem and sometime not able to post – if you continue experiencing sign in or posting problem, please sign out and sign in back to the forums.”

Tapatalk is thus an ideal app for all those who find socialising, interacting and meeting new people in the virtual world with common interests, as interesting things to do. Everything that you want engage yourself in is available under one roof and hence, very easily accessible.

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