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The internet is an amazing web of creativity and absurdity that can assure of you of never feeling bored. One of the great phenomena that ruled 2014 was the Goat Simulator. If you have ever wanted to experience life as a goat, then this is the app for you. While there are many people claiming that Goat Simulator is a joke of a game, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that the mobile game has been a hit in the app store should serve to tell you that it is a serious, albeit incredibly silly, mobile app.

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The goat simulator mobile game is deliberately unpolished, with a simple design that will win you over with time. The saving grace of the Goat Simulator is that it is humorous and full of unexpected surprises that will spring at you from every corner of the goat universe that you will find yourself in. do not let the seemingly peaceful small town map fool you. There is a lot great physics powered slapstick humor in this small town that you will terrorize as a goat.

Supported devices

Developed by Coffee Stain Studios and Double Eleven, the goat simulator is available on the following platforms:

  1. Android
  2. Playstation 4
  3. Xbox One
  4. iOS
  5. Xbox 360
  6. Playstation 3
  7. Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
  8. Linux
  9. Mac Os

You can play the Goat Simulator game as a single player or as a multiplayer video game.

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While there is no back story explaining why you are an infuriated, evil goat intent on causing mayhem in a peaceful looking small town, the game play is really simple to grasp and understand. You get points for breaking things, crashing into things and making things explode.

Mission goals are presented as optional achievements, which range from goofy little things like pushing the 1 key several times to hear all the different goat noises to seeing how long you can remain airborne, or high-score challenges that give an extra reason to run around like a goat in a china shop (as if we needed one). Plenty of collectibles are stashed around the map, and grabbing that stuff unlocks a few great alternate models. Still more interesting are the unannounced goals, like tipping a “Giant Death Boulder” positioned on a hill above a barbeque party, stumbling into the secret goat kingdom and gaining magical powers, or finding the awesome and completely uncontrollable jetpack.

The one downside of the goat simulator app is that it as buggy as hastily developed apps come. This means that you should expect to see many clipping problems, for example getting stuck in walls, objects or falling through the world. However, there are no crash bugs that have been reported. The developers of the goat simulator app have vowed never to fix these bugs, because they make the game funny and exciting.

The Goat Simulator app is not much of a game, but it is definitely worth the time if you are interested in having a really good time simulating a goat.

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