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AdWords, the advertising service dished out by Google, is especially meant for online entrepreneurs who want to display ads and promote their products on Google. It allows businesses to set a budget for their advertising campaigns and pay along the lines of the Pay-Per-Click or PPC model.

Built with a special focus on keywords to make them more SEO friendly, here is how it works:

  • Through AdWords, one creates an ad on the product that he has to offer along with the requisite search terms and a daily budget.
  • If the product is attractive enough, it catches the customer’s eye.
  • They click on the ad, and in exchange of a small sum of money to Google, you get more traffic for your content.

When someone searches for that keyword on Google search engine, it triggers your ad to be displayed to your audience under the category of ‘Sponsored Links’ found on the right hand side of the screen or above the results of the search. The ad will then direct the traffic to your website.

Google Adwords for Android Analyze Campaign Stats


While using the application of Google, you will realize that it serves a myriad number of benefits including:

  • Reach out to a lot of people through your marketing of your product in the form of content driven and innovative ads. You do this by choosing where you want to concentrate your ad on through various filters based on geolocation. This helps to segregate and identify the best and most well-targeted audience.
  • With the pay per click framework, you get to control the budget – you will not be charged beyond your budget, which you can set up on a monthly basis. Moreover, you don’t get charged for displaying the ads, but only for the clicks that you get on your ads.
  • You can edit your ad and also see the report of how well it is faring in comparison to others. Graphical representations and various campaign stats, will help you to correct your mistake.

So, what’s new in the present Android version? An added Billing section, lets you view your current balance and see your history of transactions. You can toy with the payment methods and update your profile, when needed. Along with these, there are new Bug Fixes that have been introduced too.

Google Adwords for Android Update Bids


Google AdWords is only available to Android users at the present moment. For iOS users, there can be good news shortly as they are toying with the idea of releasing it on the iOS platform. According to the recent newsletter from Google – the Google AdWords iOS app is going to be published on the App Store in a very close future. Stay tuned.

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