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Recently one simple and useful app has been published on the App Store and Google Play. It’s called “Likemeter for Instagram”. The program analyzes your Instagram posts and calculates all the users likes for every post and the whole profile. Then you are able to see which of your posts were successful, so you’d have better chances to plan your upcoming posts basing on that data.

For me it’s not a simple fun app that allows you to rate your friends likes, but some kind of Social Media Marketing (SMM) tool, which gives you a better understanding of your social network followers interests. It empowers you to create better social posts with enhanced reachability.

Let’s look at the program..

Once started – the app will ask you for an access to your Instagram profile. It is logical, since it acts on behalf of your user profile. After successful login the program will remember your account and will not bother you with the same question in the future.

Likemeter fot Instagram iPhone

On the main screen there’s a some kind of dashboard with all the required information about your user profile. It shows total amount of posts and overall likes amount for the user profile. There are also two sections present on the screen: Top Media, which shows all your Instagram posts sorted by amount of user likes, and Top Users – the most loyal users who like your posts. That is! You can see the most engaged people and see what do they exactly like.

To get all that statistics users should press the “Calculate” button, located in the screen center – just below the username. When the application is launched for the first time it calculates the statistics automatically.

The stats calculation process takes some time (depending on the amount of posts in your profile and amount of likes for each post), so it resides on a separated screen with a very informative progress indicators. After all the calculations are finished – the next screen appears.

Likemeter iPhone Results

Likemeter generates an image with the latest account statistics, which could be also posted to social networks to gain interest to the profile and to mention the most loyal users.

Happy social posting with Likemeter for Instagram! 🙂

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