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The 21st century has come to be defined by the digital transformation that has enveloped the entire world, culminating in the smartphone, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Tinder. We have outsourced most, if not all, of our social lives to the sprawling jungle that is the World Wide Web. Tinder’s success in the dating arena has ruffled the feathers of established dating sites that existed before the app took the world by storm. Instead of taking this lying down, established dating sites have taken the challenge head on, leading to the development of many, top of the line mobile apps for dating, flirting and chatting with other singles looking for human company.

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Since the majority of global users are moving away from the desktop to the smartphone, it does not make sense to only have a desktop site from which interested people will date, flirt and chat with other people eager to meet, date and hook up. The Match dating app has managed to create a seamless, fluid interface for you to search for other singles on your smartphone.

The app will, on logging in, open to a Discover page that has two parts: Stream and Mixer. The Stream is an endless, well, stream of people that may be interesting to you. They are pulled based on location, your preferences, things you’ve liked before, etc. and it feels a lot like scrolling through Instagram and not There are multiple photos for each user on the Stream page, something that the developers of the app are quite proud of. The fact that the Stream offers a lot of rich data about another person while still feeling and looking lightweight is great for smartphone users. It means that loading times will not be compromised, while you will still have the chance to learn a lot about your prospective match without having to click on anything.

Match App Dating Discover Screen

The Mixer is another part of the Discover part of the, which will make you feel as if you have stepped into a Tinder clone. This is due to the fact that it will allow you to swipe right if you like someone, and left if you do not like them. You will also have the option to like their pictures and message them right from the mixer. While there are people who will say that this is a direct clone of Tinder, the swiping motion is natural or native to the smartphone, which means that any dating app that really wants to connect with smartphone users has to incorporate such a feature. There is no two ways about it.

The dating app has also redesigned their messaging option on the app, making more iPhone standard than the long winded format that you will encounter while using the desktop site. They also offer delivered and read status updates, which will let you know whether your message has been read or not. The app also features a single click upgrade version that will give you enhanced features and smoothen your dating experience further.

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