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There is a large, lucrative niche in developing strategy games that require a player to build something and then, in a series of small, incremental steps, defend it or expand their creation against a running clock. When you add in guns, military warfare and relatable action figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you get Mobile Strike, a mobile app game available on both android and iOS platforms that will never allow you to be bored. There are so many tasks and challenges to overcome that you will be fully immersed in the game play.

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When the game starts, you will be given a variety of different tasks as you set out to create the best military base in the history of the game. There will be a series of cluttered screens with your base hidden by many notifications and icons. However, this is a good thing, seeing that the icons and notifications will be giving you valuable information that you will use in building your military base and protecting it from invaders.

You do not have to worry about getting the gist of the game, as there is a long tutorial at the beginning that will take you through everything you need to know in order to create and defend your military base. The military base is in a grid like format or layout. This allows you to place new structures on it with the tap or swipe of a finger on the screen. Early buildings will not require a lot of input or upgrades to complete quickly, meaning that you will accomplish a lot within your first hour of playing the game.

The tiny challenges are enjoyable as they will give you the sense of accomplishment. You will be constantly upgrading your buildings and leveling up your commander so that you can open up more skills and get more work done at a faster rate.

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The key to playing Military Strike is in teamwork. This means that you will have to form alliances with other players online for you to make any serious headway. In this respect, more than anything else, Mobile Strike attempts to teach its players valuable life lessons. You have the option of chatting and planning with other players, something that will make the game even more interesting.
Some of the key features of the game that you will come to enjoy include:

  • Construct a Massive Base – build, upgrade and defend a variety of structures that help bring you closer to the top of the game’s ranking boards.
  • Customize Your Commander – level up your commander and spend their talent points to fortify your base or military to suit your playstyle.
  • Equipment Crafting – utilize materials found in crates by converting them into a variety of crafted armor and weapons, which can be equipped to your commander to boost their stats.
  • Join an Alliance – team up with like-minded players, lending a helping hand as necessary to help allies rise to the top of the game’s PvP ladder.
  • In-Game Translator – thanks to the game’s international servers, players of all languages can talk in the world chat and automatically have their text translated into your language of choice.

All in all, this is an involving strategy game that will have you gasping for air as you race to build the ultimate military base.

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