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Instagram App Review Featured iPhone

The new edition of Instagram for IPhone came with some changes, especially in the design and in the filter options for photos and videos. For you that loves this amazing tool for sharing your best photos with your friends, this app improved the options for facilitating your life. The major change was in the brand. Instead, the brown and gray traditional camera, now the square brand is colored with the with shape of the camera inside. The new design of the app is now clean with the Instagram write in black on the top, allowing now that the photos and videos have the center attention.

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If you like editing your photos, you will love the improvement of the editing tools, that provide you to follow the automatic changes, being able to make corrections more easily according to our aim. Beyond that, now is possible to make changes in the saturation, temperature, shadows, etc. But, if you don’t have abilities with this tools, in important to have patience at first. Now, if you want more, you can. The tools of Structure and Tilt Shift, offer more esoteric options that provide you can the chance to control the effect simply by sliding a bar. Besides that, more than 40 options of filters are now available so you can test and use in your photos.

In the sharing matter, you have now the Instagram Direct, to send private photos or videos to a friend or even to a group. Be aware that this function doesn’t allow tagging and also that the Instagram is a Photos and Video sharing app, not a messaging app like many persons think. If you want to tag your friends, you can spread your art to the world choosing the option of share in diverse social media like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Mixi, etc. Another amazing way to share your photos is adding you photo in the Photo Map or even sharing by email.

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Still in Instagram, you lose some iPhone camera resources, like HDR or Pano. But you can still shoot squared photos from the Instagram App and use the many filters that the app offers. To make a video in the Instagram app is very easy, as control the exposure and focus while you’re filming. Besides some changes that can please or not, the Instagram app for iPhone still continues to be one of the main choices for sharing photos in iPhone.

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