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Developed by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, the Periscope app took the tech market by such a storm when it was released that Twitter bought the start-up for a whopping $100 million in the month of March this year. The video streaming app that is also available for Android users, allows you to broadcast your live video globally. Going live will notify your followers in a matter of an instant, and it will trigger a series of likes, comments, and hearts.

Some of the additional features outlined in the iTunes website are as follows:

  • Replay: The broadcast, after it is over can be made available for viewers to replay it and watch it later. They can watch the replay for a maximum period of 24 hours and comment on it during that period. The replay can also be deleted any time.
  • Private: The iTunes website says the following – “If you want to broadcast to specific people, press the lock icon before going live and choose who you want to invite to your broadcast.”
  • Twitter: As already mentioned, Twitter bought Periscope recently. Users can also share their Periscope broadcasts on Twitter as a tweet from the birdie. What’s needed is just a tap of the bird’s blue sign. When one goes live, a link can be tweeted so that followers can watch it on the app.
  • Management of Notifications: Periscope makes suggestions to you of prospective followers by assessing your Twitter network. You can follow new people or unfollow them whenever you want to. Also notification preferences can be adjusted through settings.
  • Hearts: Basically what a ‘Like’ is to Facebook, a ‘Heart’ is to Periscope. The more the number of likes, the higher one gets in the list of ‘Most Loved’ users.
Broadcast Live Video
Broadcast Live Video

Some of the new things that are add-ons in the latest version are as follows:

  • A handful of bugs that needed immediate fixing have been looked into in the latest version of the app – 1.1.4. These bugs impacted the stability of the broadcaster’s connection and also “prevented broadcasters from seeing accurate statistics once they ended their broadcast” respectively.
  • Some updates that were already there previously include the ability to mute notifications from specific unwanted users, viewer statistics, and language preferences from the Profile settings. The language preferences affect the videos that you can view globally.
Browse Live Broadcasts
Browse Live Broadcasts

Here’s a customer review to support all the hype surrounding the app:

“Coming from a developer. Unbelievable bits of innovation and amazing latency that is going to revolutionise the world in the years to come. Well done Kayvon and co and well done Twitter for the acquisition of this gem.” (Renju252)


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