Pure Gymkhana Rally Drift

Adrenaline pumping racing games have always found an important place in the hearts of hard-core gamers around the world. Be it the ‘Need for Speed’ series or the ‘Asphalt’ games, they have always caught the interest of most gamers around the world. ‘Pure Gymkhana Rally’, although not in the same league of the previously mentioned games, has received enough good reviews to bear testimony to the fact that it is thoroughly enjoyed by Android users.

Developed by Vincenzo Cosentino under the banner of the CVi Games, this free Android game allows users to challenge his counterparts in a real time multiplayer game, and race to become the fastest and the best out of the entire lot of challengers. The player has to go past various checkpoints, grab all the accolades and just climb his way up the Google Play Leader board. It is a Rally Simulator, which is not only about rapid speed but has various other interesting elements to look forward to. Players get to jump from one container to another, drift their way past obstacles like burn drifting after moving round a box, make his way through boxes, or get himself dirty in the filth of the track. And all of this for the sake of pure and unadulterated fun!

Pure Gymkhana Rally Drift Screen

You get to choose from among some of the hardiest cars participating in the Rally – most f which can hold themselves against stormy bouts of dirt, or smoke from burning tyres, or edges of harbors, or boxes strewn around. The graphics are excellent and are suitable for most devices that support a Google Play Store. Car physics are realistic and governed by the laws of mechanics with damage from crashes being quite real in sight. The game comes in three modes – the Hotlap mode, which was discussed earlier where one crosses checkpoints to make his way up the Leader Board; the Freestyle mode where one can go for long laps and emulate or perform crazy movements with utmost liberty and the Freerun mode. Terrains like asphalt and many more are available.

Gymkhana Rally Action Screenshot

You can also pause to take screenshots in the midst of the game and share them on social networking sites. In the new version of the game, which is the 1.2.3 version, the engine sounds have been improved, and detailed graphics have been included. New bug fixes and stability requirements have also been fulfilled.

So, what are you waiting for! Get ready to race, crash and run!

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