Seashine: New Free Game for iOS and Android

Seashine Free Mobile Game Explore Abyss

Have you ever wondered what lies in the abyss that is the ocean deep? If you have, then you no longer need to imagine what might lie in the deep, dark ocean. In fact, you have the opportunity to virtually explore that part of the world in the form of a jellyfish. All this can be done in the comfort of your own home, on the subway or at work during a relatively slow day. The Seashine mobile app by Pated studio is available to both Apple and Android devices, meaning that it is very easy for any mobile device to be compatible to the application.

As a fragile jellyfish, your goal will be to survive the dark in the ocean by searching and hunting for any sources of light that you will come across. This is necessary so as to prevent the little light you have from fading out. It will also keep you alive to continue playing and exploring the vastness of the ocean deep.

Seashine Game Screenshot

You will also encounter numerous predators that thrive in the darkness of the ocean floor. It will be your objective to evade the oppressive and dangerous ocean deep while continuously striving to search for the light that powers your life. This will undoubtedly make the game very exciting and addictive to play.

The graphics of the mobile app are stunning and a visual display of rich art that will leave you amazed and knowledgeable about the various life forms that exist in the deep and dark reaches of the ocean floor.

Seashine Game Abyss Graphics

There are plenty of sound effects and music to keep the mood going. When all these factors are combined, you will find yourself very excited and eager to maintain the fading light that is keeping your jellyfish alive. This fact will constantly keep you on your toes, and as soon as you master the art of finding light sources, you will have more time on your hands to enjoy the deep sea marine life that will have been faithfully reproduced on your mobile screen.

This is the perfect game to play when you are having a slow day at work, school or at home and do not feel like doing anything that will require you to expend a lot of energy. With the opportunity to hunt, explore and evade numerous ocean floor predators, this will be a deep sea marine experience that you will not forget any time soon.

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