Goat Simulator Mobile Game Review

Goat Simulator Game Featured

The Goat Simulator app is not much of a game, but it is definitely worth the time if you are interested in having a really good time simulating a goat.

Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike Game Featured

There is a large, lucrative niche in developing strategy games that require a player to build something and then, in a series of small, incremental steps, defend it or expand their creation against a running clock. When you add in guns, military warfare and relatable action figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger,

TurboScan Mobile Scanner App

TurboScan Mobile Scanner App

This is small, light version of the 4.2MB app available on iTunes for all gadgets running on iOS. This application is ranked among the leading business apps so far available on iTunes for users making it a unique and highly featured application. Now for over 3 years, the application has

Pure Gymkhana Rally Drift

Pure Gymkhana Rally has received enough good reviews to bear testimony to the fact that it is thoroughly enjoyed by Android users.

Companion: Never Walk Alone

Companion, as the app has been aptly named, gives you the opportunity to have extra eyes on you all the time as you are travelling or simply running errands in an unfamiliar part of town or any locality that might make you feel uncomfortable. It is also quite useful if you happen to be late from work or school.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game

The Kim Kardashian Hollywood game will provide you with a virtual world complete with tours to exotic places and to big cities such as New York.

Seashine: New Free Game for iOS and Android

Seashine Free Mobile Game Explore Abyss

Have you ever wondered what lies in the abyss that is the ocean deep? You have an opportunity to explore that part of the world in the form of a jellyfish.