POF Dating App

POF Dating App Review

The POF dating app is a simple and easy to use mobile application that is perfect for those who are technologically challenged. Human beings crave love and connection.

Pandora Free Music and Radio

Pandora Free Music Radio App Review

Pandora Internet Radio (also known as Pandora Radio or simply Pandora) is one of the best internet streaming applications available on the market at the moment.

New Instagram App for iPhone Review

Instagram App Review Featured iPhone

The new edition of Instagram for IPhone came with some changes, especially in the design and in the filter options for photos and videos.

YouTube Music

The rise of music streaming apps has been well documented, with Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and Tidal being some of the more visible streaming apps available. This has not hindered one of the largest search engines and music streaming websites, YouTube, from entering the fray. It is true that there

Clover Dating App

Clover Dating App

The online dating scene is a rough and tough jungle where only the fittest survive. This not only applies to the hopeful singles searching for love, but also for the companies that have invested a lot of money in providing these services to the general population. In the early 2000s,

Shadow Player: Free Music Streaming App

Free Music Player Streaming App Listening Girl

Shadow Player is a music streaming application developed by Mary Pinner and designed for iOS gadgets. The application is subscription free and does not come with any hidden charges.

Pure Gymkhana Rally Drift

Pure Gymkhana Rally has received enough good reviews to bear testimony to the fact that it is thoroughly enjoyed by Android users.

Companion: Never Walk Alone

Companion, as the app has been aptly named, gives you the opportunity to have extra eyes on you all the time as you are travelling or simply running errands in an unfamiliar part of town or any locality that might make you feel uncomfortable. It is also quite useful if you happen to be late from work or school.

UNKILLED: Zombie Shooter Game

If you have ever dreamt of facing off with a mob of angry and deadly zombies in a post apocalyptic world, then the latest shooter game for mobile devices by Mad Finger will rock your socks off.

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game

Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game

The Kim Kardashian Hollywood game will provide you with a virtual world complete with tours to exotic places and to big cities such as New York.