Apple Music for iPhone

Apple Music App Review Featured

The Apple Music for iPhone is the streaming app that comes to show that the music is a serious matter for Apple. This app brings the possibility of saving your favorite song in the library, connect with your favorite band or singer and even listen to music offline.

New Instagram App for iPhone Review

Instagram App Review Featured iPhone

The new edition of Instagram for IPhone came with some changes, especially in the design and in the filter options for photos and videos.

Live Wallpapers For Me

The basic premise of the Live Wallpapers for Me app is that it contains multiple, diverse live wallpapers that are available for download.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Game

One of the best games twelve years ago (2004) was undoubtedly Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This is a game that has managed to stay on top of the best critic sites on the internet, such as Metacritic. The rise of smartphones in 2007 led to a massive shift in

TurboScan Mobile Scanner App

TurboScan Mobile Scanner App

This is small, light version of the 4.2MB app available on iTunes for all gadgets running on iOS. This application is ranked among the leading business apps so far available on iTunes for users making it a unique and highly featured application. Now for over 3 years, the application has

Seashine: New Free Game for iOS and Android

Seashine Free Mobile Game Explore Abyss

Have you ever wondered what lies in the abyss that is the ocean deep? You have an opportunity to explore that part of the world in the form of a jellyfish.

Tinder: The Fun Online Dating App

Tinder App Featured

Have you been single for a long time? Are you one of those unlucky few who haven’t yet been struck by Cupid’s arrow? Or are you one of those who vehemently abuse that visionless winged child who always hits you with the wrong arrow?