The Walking Pet Game

The Walking Pet Game

Have you ever tried crawling on all fours? Well, if you are an adult, and still surreptitiously crawl on all fours behind closed doors, then you must be knowing that it’s not an easy job to accomplish. Similarly, walking on two legs for an animal that is used to walking on all four can be a gigantic task. There may be moments where the pet will sway like a tipsy drunkard, almost on the verge of collapsing!

Likemeter for Instagram

Instagram Banner

Recently one simple and useful app has been published on the App Store and Google Play. It’s called “Likemeter for Instagram”. The program analyzes your Instagram posts and calculates all the users likes for every post and the whole profile.

Deep Research of Apple iCloud Activation Lock

Apple iCloud Sign In Lock

Each time your iPhone starts activation process attempt – it sends a specific set of data to Apple’s activation server. By the way, it silently activates itself every time you insert new SIM-card into your phone, so there couldn’t be any permanent fake activation, unless you have a jailbroken device with modified file system.

Bypass Apple iCloud Activation Lock

Apple iCloud Lock

 Or how to unbrick your brick This article describes my research of bypassing Apple iCloud activation lock and analysis of existing  techniques and offers from online unlock services. I was wondering if anyone had succeeded with bypassing Apple iCloud activation lock.. A quick googling gave me a lot of links to fake