TuneIn Radio Pro for iPad

TuneIn Radio Pro iPad Review

The TuneIn Radio Pro for iPad is still one of the best streaming apps for iPad. This is because the app offers more than 100.000 radio stations between AM and FM to please all the ears and tastes. To enjoy all the content option, you have to invest $9,99 per

Apple Music for iPhone

Apple Music App Review Featured

The Apple Music for iPhone is the streaming app that comes to show that the music is a serious matter for Apple. This app brings the possibility of saving your favorite song in the library, connect with your favorite band or singer and even listen to music offline.

Pandora Free Music and Radio

Pandora Free Music Radio App Review

Pandora Internet Radio (also known as Pandora Radio or simply Pandora) is one of the best internet streaming applications available on the market at the moment.

Tabs and Chords by Ultimate Guitar

Tabs And Chords App Guitar Featured

If you thought that getting the chord and tab lyrics or notes to your favorite song was going to be difficult or close to impossible, then you have not come across Tabs and Chords, a mobile app by Ultimate Guitar.

YouTube Music

The rise of music streaming apps has been well documented, with Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and Tidal being some of the more visible streaming apps available. This has not hindered one of the largest search engines and music streaming websites, YouTube, from entering the fray. It is true that there

Shadow Player: Free Music Streaming App

Free Music Player Streaming App Listening Girl

Shadow Player is a music streaming application developed by Mary Pinner and designed for iOS gadgets. The application is subscription free and does not come with any hidden charges.