The Walking Pet Game

The Walking Pet Game

Have you ever tried crawling on all fours? Well, if you are an adult, and still surreptitiously crawl on all fours behind closed doors, then you must be knowing that it’s not an easy job to accomplish. Similarly, walking on two legs for an animal that is used to walking on all four can be a gigantic task. There may be moments where the pet will sway like a tipsy drunkard, almost on the verge of collapsing!

Well, that is exactly what the latest app by Ketchapp, called ‘The Walking Pet’ offers. The two line description of the game on the iTunes website, reads, “If you think that walking on two legs is easy, the pets do not think so! Be a cat, a cow or a crocodile and try to walk on two legs. How far you can go?” At first glance it seems like a piece of cake. A pet that is walking – how tough can that be? Here, you are the commander of a pet animal, initially a cat that tries to balance itself on its hind appendages and also collect strawberries along the way.

Walking Pet Game Main Menu
Walking Pet Game Main Menu

The game can turn out to be an extremely frustrating yet highly addictive find as one will struggle to strike the best timing with every pet. With each tap, the cat will move one step forward, and the gamer’s task will be to see if his head is upright. If it tips slightly on either side, then the speed will have to be adjusted to prevent the cat from falling down. Negotiating ascents can also be quite tiring. While moving uphill, be sure to slow down your speed and do the same while descending down the slope.

Also, be careful while gathering strawberries. Watching ad videos initially to know how to spot strawberries can be helpful, but one generally follows the motion and learns how to collect strawberries on the way. As you proceed along the entire course of the game, you unlock different pets and discover new techniques and methods of how to handle each.


The Walking Pet Unlocked Game Character
Unlocked Game Character

The ‘Walking Pet’ may seem simple in outline, but there are quite a few cautious measures to take. While some users, find it to be quite a tiresome application to master, most ratings on iTunes say otherwise. With more than a 4.5 star rating, the game can prove to be an immense addiction. Taping the screen, tilting it to balance the pet, collecting strawberries, etc. can be extremely frustrating at times.

But don’t play too much – you, procrastinators, might just end up losing a night’s sound sleep!

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