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TuneIn Radio Pro iPad Review

The TuneIn Radio Pro for iPad is still one of the best streaming apps for iPad. This is because the app offers more than 100.000 radio stations between AM and FM to please all the ears and tastes. To enjoy all the content option, you have to invest $9,99 per month, and if you want to have access to others contents, such as ad-free music, live sports, or audio-books you have to subscribe to the TuneIn Radio Premium and pay a fee of $7,99 per month.

Besides the changes that made the app less intuitive as before, the interface continues to allow record programming and store in the iPad memory. Even so, the app continues to be a radio streaming app, don’t work with music selection and playlists creation. To guide you, there are Top Chart lists to inform what are the best stations or the Top Podcasts.

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When you access the Home page, you’ll see a list of the top stations of your preference or of your region. To enjoy the wide options of radio stations, podcasts and listen to some of the 40.000 audiobooks, you have to start a keyword searching in the browse or navigate through the category or location list. The huge advantage of the app is that you can find different kinds of genres stations and podcasts options.

One of the cons of the app is that is not very clear for the user which content is reserved for the TuneIn Radio Premium subscription, what can frustrate the user that will only have a sample of the audiobook, per example. This subscription also provides the experience without ads and also a wide range of sportive content.

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Besides some flaws in some streamings, the TuneIn Radio Pro for iPad app provides an excellent possibility of record audio and store in the iPad. You can do that easily by clicking in the red recording bottom. The recording will achieve your expectations storing the file in perfect quality. If you heard half hour of a radio station, you can access the content easily to check some information.

The app also has the sharing tool. You can share what you’re hearing by email, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. You also can know what your friends in the contact list are hearing. If you like variety, you’ll enjoy this app, that can satisfy all the tastes. Just for information, this app is the most recommended streaming radio for iPad.

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