TurboScan Mobile Scanner App

TurboScan Mobile Scanner App

This is small, light version of the 4.2MB app available on iTunes for all gadgets running on iOS. This application is ranked among the leading business apps so far available on iTunes for users making it a unique and highly featured application. Now for over 3 years, the application has been widely featured in mainstream media outlets including the New York Times where it was highly discussed in January of 2012. The newspaper’s readers gave wide-ranging feedback demonstrating the wide use that the application has been accepted by the users of iTunes apps. Cable news network (CNN) and the Telegraph featured the app in September 2012 and January 2015 respectively making the app stands out on the iTunes among the apps widely discussed in the mainstream media.

The app enables your phone to turn into a multipage scanner for a variety of documents which range from receipts, whiteboards and other forms of text. These scanned documents can then be shared among users comfortably either in the formats of PDF or JPEG files. The files can be opened by the recipients on any compatible gadget including computers, and other documents that have applications for reading PDF files as well as for opening images. The files do not have any specific or modified features different from those scanned by other devices or gadgets with other operating systems.

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The user interface for the TurboScan is user-friendly and less complicated for any user to use. Brightness, colour control and rotations are easily controlled with just a one tap click on the interface. The app has advanced algorithms that make it stand out from similar applications in the business category. The algorithms enable the auto-detection of document edges, offer an automatic perspective correction, i.e. straighten the documents as well as eliminate shadows and set a perfect contrast to the document under scan.

To ensure easy use and quality documents always, the app has extra mode known as the SureScan. The mode offers sharper scans especially in conditions with low lighting environment present. The mode requires taking the image three times with the iPhone camera. This ensures that a clear contrast of the scanned document is established by the scanner before the release of the finally scanned document. The other features that come with the application include email to myself feature for quick emails, a feature to copy to clipboard, printing via air and many others which make it a unique and business app of its kind.

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To obtain best results after scanning, it is recommended that you ensure fast that the document under scan is flat and well lit. To ensure good edge detection, ensure that some margin is included in your document while shooting. The images come out clearer with the flash in low light conditions though it is necessary to avoid glare with glossy documents. The application operates on arguably all iOS gadgets. However, do not use the application on iPod touch 4 or iPad 2 because the cameras of these two devices have lower resolutions below the requirements of the application.

The developers of the app are constantly putting into consideration the users’ feedback and improving the application based on this feedback. The app is available for only $3.99 making it one of the cheapest apps on the iTunes.

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