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The rise of music streaming apps has been well documented, with Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and Tidal being some of the more visible streaming apps available. This has not hindered one of the largest search engines and music streaming websites, YouTube, from entering the fray. It is true that there is a YouTube mobile app as well as another music app by Google (which owns YouTube), Google Play Music. However, the reality on the ground is that this app has not been truly satisfying avid music listeners, with the app pausing anytime you toggle to another task and change apps or when you lock the phone. It is also important to note that the Google Play Music app serves a different audience than the one being targeted by the YouTube Music app, available on both android and iOS platforms.

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The YouTube Music app is a music service for the millions of people who already get most of their music from YouTube itself. The big advantage that YouTube has over all the other music apps and music streaming services is its incredibly wide depth of music offerings, from official music videos to indie performances and acoustic covers that will allow devoted fans to get the most out of their favorite music tracks and videos. It also does not hurt that YouTube is owned by one of the most profitable public companies on the face of the earth, meaning that it has almost bottomless pockets. These are funds that will be used in creating a fluid and top of the range app that will not disappoint your expectations.

The YouTube Music app lets you arrange or rather organize all the different versions of your music into one central hub. There are also guided paths for artist discovery and song Curation that will turn your entire music experience into a listening adventure.

When you first download the music app, you will be automatically eligible for a two week free subscription to YouTube Red. This is a paid subscription that will allow you to experience all that YouTube has to offer without being bothered by pesky ads that will only ruin your listening session. This will cost you about ten dollars every month.

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You can still enjoy the YouTube Music app for free, listening to your favorite artists and albums. However, you will not be able to take advantage of the background play mode that will save your battery life. This also means that it will be impossible to multitask while listening to your favorite music tracks.

With the paid subscription, you can even create your own mix tape that you can listen to when you are offline. The YouTube Music app is amazing because it is specifically focused on music. This is unlike the main website, where a simple search will yield anything from tutorials, documentaries and movies alongside the particular music video or track that you were looking for.

The app also gives you control over whether to listen to a particular music video or the audio version of the same, something that is really cool. This app is available for download in the Google Play Store as well as the iTunes store.

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